Anti-wrinkle is the general term used to describe all muscle-relaxant injectables used for cosmetic purposes. Whilst Anti Wrinkle injections are commonly used for reducing signs of ageing (including erasing wrinkles and softening skin texture), they can also be an effective treatment for people who suffer from migraines or teeth-grinding (by reducing muscle tension), or for lifting areas for aesthetic purposes (such as brow lift or a lip flip). Typically the effects of Anti Wrinkle can last roughly 3-6 months, depending on location and dosage. All Anti-Wrinkle appointments at The Cosmetic Hub can be booked by the number of areas that you wish to have treated. If you are unsure, please book a complimentary consultation with one of our cosmetic nurses, so that we can assess and create the most beneficial treatment plan for your face and features. 



Under Australian law, advertising brands of cosmetic injectables is prohibited -

but our cosmetic injectors have multiple products available.

Our dosing is based on the average female face dose range,

which tends to be the right dosing for most clients.

Some may need a top up at the two week period

if the muscle is very strong,

and men always require a larger dose than women.  

For more information, please contact us. 


from $89 - Brow Lift (brow arch enhancement)

from $89 - Lip Flip (a subtle lip enhancement that also adjusts 'gummy smiles')

from $129 - Forehead (frontalis lines)

from $199 - Frown (glabella lines)

from $199 - Crows Feet (lateral canthal lines)

from $199 - Hayfever (needle-free nasal spray to treat hayfever symptoms)

from $499 - Masseters (jaw slimming, teeth clenching/grinding)

from $499 - Hyperhydrosis (underarms to treat excessive sweating)

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