new chance nipples

a Breast Friend initiative

After seeing the significant positive impact areola tattoos have on breast cancer survivors, The Cosmetic Hub Director, Bell, knew she had to do her part. And with that, she introduced Breast Friend initiative: New Chance Nipples – life changing opportunities for survivors of breast cancer. 


From often multiple surgeries to double mastectomy's, once given the all clear from the 'Big C', breasts can be left almost unrecognisable – a constant reminder of what was endured. With areola tattooing, breasts can once again become more than a reminder of what was and more-so symbolise triumph, strength and a sense of femininity that can so often be lost in the breast cancer process.

Bell will endeavour to tattoo 3D nipples for survivors who has undergone a single or double mastectomy as a complimentary offering. 

Survivors will be randomly selected – there will be no 'application' process as we hope to offer this to as many survivors as we can.

If you or someone you know deserves New Chance Nipples to assist in their physical and mental recovery of breast cancer, please email us at: paddington@thecosmetichub.com.au